For anyone itching to see more photos, I’ve been regularly updating my Flickr account, as I prepare to do something more with my photography skills.


Here’s one of my favorite pictures from the new camera.

I feel it really showcases the better dynamic range of the Canon.

Photo Set

Here, in episode two of MTV’s Cribs, you see me tending to my garden, barking out a couple of orders, and napping.

Photo Set

While my family was in town, we had MTV Cribs come over to my abode. You can see me lounging in my castle’s new prisoner carriage, lounging around the guard post, and overlooking my peons.

This is part one of two, so look out for episode two of William’s MTV Cribs.


This marks my first foray into Photoshop in over 5 years. 

Let’s get this party started.

This is a photo of the only mosque I know of in Korea.

It resides in Itaewon, seoul, South Korea.

Photo Set

Last month my mom and aunt visited me. 

We traveled so much, I don’t even know where to begin. 

I’m really enjoying the built-in HDR mode on the Canon 650D.

I highly recommend bringing a tripod for that though. While we got some amazing cave shots thanks to the feature, they would have turned out tons better with a tripod.

Photo Set

I’m really proud with the final results I achieved with my Nikon D3000 before selling it.

In the last month I’ve upgraded to a Canon 650D.

The transition has not been easy. At all.

I’m actually buying a Nikon D3000 again, or an upgraded version of it to use for professional purposes.

I recently decided that I while I will pursue a Master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology, I will start trying to make my photography something more than a hobby.

I’m really starting to feel confident with my abilities. 

What say you, followers of Tumblr?


over one month since I last posted! 


Time to fix that. 

Many of my new pieces of work will be posed soon. 

I’m still getting used to the transition between my old Nikon D3000 and my new Canon 650D.

Photo Set

I suppose you could file this all under winter. 

My picture taking has been a lot more selective these last two months. 

Very soon I’ll be transitioning from my fantastic Nikon D3000, to my new Canon T4i. I know, it’s blasphemy!

I’m quite excited to begin taking videos, doing time-lapses, and working with HDR.

I’ll certainly be getting a tri-pod for all that entails.

In these last two months I’ve visited temples, celebrated Lunar New Year, seen one of my favorite teachers retire, consumed massive amounts of ice cream (yet somehow lost weight???), got bored with The Walking Dead, tried silk-worms, gone hiking, traveled to Seoul, Gongju, gone ice skating, celebrated St. Patty’s Day the right way, and started riding my bike once again recently.

While going through it all, I didn’t feel busy, but looking back, I did a lot.

Now to start studying for the GRE I have scheduled in May D:

Photo Set

The second half of my visit consisted of two (count em’ two!) trips to the NAAS (North American Auto Show) and a rather fun trip to see our hockey team play (thanks to one of Megan’s awesome friends!).

It was a relaxing trip filled with grand helpings of everything I was missing from home. It was all thanks to the great efforts of Megan. She put her life on hold, and it meant a lot.